Aadhya Exports

Company Profile

Our story began with an entrepreneur, a necessity, and an uncovered passion. The adventurous spirit of our founder, Pranjal Bothra, is a great source of gratification for all of us. He has always had an eye for great design. Fascinated with the richness of the marble decor tradition, and the incredible techniques of the Indian artisans, Pranjal decided to set up his production unit. Aadhya Exports is all about pure design made with fierce craftsmanship. Our focus lies on our key strengths - design, innovation, detailing, and quality. With creative interaction between the artists and the artisans, our team strives to provide uniqueness in every object we create. Our mission is to showcase our craftsmanship to a tasteful global audience through our exquisite product range, gorgeously designed to enhance each and every space.